Hi there!  My name is Julie and I’m a fine art/photojournalistic wedding photographer based in Los Angeles.

I am a believer and a dreamer who wholeheartedly believes that love is the answer to everything.  I found myself in California after falling in love with my fiancé Josh.  I currently live in Los Angeles with Josh and my two adorable furbabies Choco & Lucy.  I shoot seasonally on the East Coast (near my hometown of Columbia, MD) and love cooking and trying new recipes at home (and purposely drop food so my dogs can try them too). I’m also a pushover for a good cup of coffee and a fat slice of chocolate cake.

When I was young, I vividly remember lying on the floor drawing for countless hours without realizing the time as it quickly passed.  My affinity for producing art provided me the opportunity to freely express myself.  That love is still strong today.  Wedding photography has become my passion and I am so grateful to be doing what I absolutely love.  It’s all about the anticipation, mood and that particular moment that makes everything come together like a perfect word or melody.  I love that photography can deliver all of that with one image.  Visually striking, classic and timeless.  I feel so blessed. Blessed to be doing what I love.

Thank you for stopping by!  -Julie